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Who are we?

Getting you back in the saddle

The Turbo Trainer Doctor began almost by accident. Suffering a dead Tacx Neo, Rich Webb (AKA The Turbo Trainer Doctor) was dismayed by the lack of repair options available. Spending time diagnosing electronics and repairing things which were designed not to be repaired had always been a passion, and the Neo was quickly revived. Bringing together 20 years experience with surface mount rework, 3d printing expertise and a lifetime tinkering, repair and servicing options for all makes of trainer kept growing. Soon enough, people from all over the world got in touch, wanting repair options. The Turbo Trainer Doctor was born! Offering repair options, as well as routine servicing, our portfolio has widened to include all Tacx Neo models, Dead Wahoo trainers and pretty much anything on the market.

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