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Bringing affordable repair options to the turbo trainer industry

Engine Mechanic



Keeping your trainer running smoothly and ensuring you don't hit any bumps down the road

Bike Handles


We are equipped with a wealth of knowledge across all brands of trainer, and the tools to diagnose any problems.


Get in touch to find out how we can get your trainer back up and running as quick and smoothly as possible

About The Doctor

Bringing affordable repair options to the turbo trainer industry


See how I can help you to get back on track...

I should probably clarify i'm not a real Doctor. The incarnation of The Turbo Trainer Doctor began almost by accident.


After suffering a dead Tacx Neo, I was dismayed by the lack of repair options available. Spending time diagnosing electronics and repairing things which were designed not to be repaired had always been a passion, and the Neo was quickly revived.


Following on, people from all over the world got in touch, wanting repair options, and The Turbo Trainer Doctor was born!


Offering repair options, as well as routine servicing, our portfolio has widened to include all Tacx Neo models, Dead Wahoo trainers and pretty much anything on the market.

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